Driving Miss Daisy one last time

Did I ever mention that I once named my car Daisy? I named my car Daisy because that was one of my favorite names when I was a little girl and I wanted it to be my middle name. When I got my car, my friends and I were all in the midst of naming our cars, so I named her Daisy – so I could say I was driving Miss Daisy. Yes, I thought I was so clever.

Well, Daisy and I had one last ride together, and I have to admit that I was sad to do it, because I knew we were on our way to get her junked. Because Daisy failed her last smog check (all the way back in May), I decided to give her up to the state through the Voluntary Accelarated Vehicle Retirement Program. What did this entail? Well, after getting an application approved and finally finding a new (used) car, I took Daisy’s title, registration and license plates to the DMV and got a junked car slip and a no license plate driving pass (this is not the technical name, though, heh).
Why give her up to the state? Well, they give $1,000 to you in exchange for the car (and you don’t even have to wait for the DMV to send you the check – the junkyard you leave your car at gives you a check the same day). And trust me, with all of Daisy’s dings, scratches, dents, damage, missing lights, poorly kept interior, lack of air conditioning and more than 227,800 miles on her, I wouldn’t have gotten much for her in terms of either private sale, trade-in, or even donation. (Check out that red blur reflected on Daisy – that’s me!)

And even though I hated the junkyard’s service (I waited in line behind at least five people, and then watched two others go by me as I waited with increasing anger and frustration for my paperwork to go through – they couldn’t deign to tell me they had to get my identity confirmed by the DMV because I had changed my last name), I was sad to see her go. Daisy and I have been through a lot – she and I have gone to San Diego twice, San Francisco, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Vegas for road trips. She accompanied me to Phoenix, where she got in an accident. She took me to journalism job interviews from Santa Ana to Riverside to San Bernardino to Ventura. Not to mention was my companion when I had my crazy commutes and schedules while working at Coffee Bean in Santa Monica, the art gallery in the Pacific Palisades, my internship in south Orange County and anywhere else you can think of while working weddings with my mom.

*sigh* Rest in peace, Daisy, I know you’ll make someone a lovely lamppost.

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