*Crickets chirping*

So, some L.A. streets were closed again today. What was it for? Well – should it matter? What I noticed was the lack of complaints about today’s street closures among L.A.’s blogosphere.

Oh, but last week, when the president made a brief stop through West L.A. last week – at least one blogger was pissed. Oh, the traffic! Oh, he’s so terrible! Oh, he made gas prices $3 a gallon! (I had to point out that gas at its highest is, at worst, $2.85 a gallon. Of course, that was last week, I haven’t checked this week.)

But do our bloggers ever complain about traffic when there’s yet another war protest? Or how about a march in support of illegal immigration? Especially when it literally shuts down several of downtown’s streets with hardly any notice?

Oh, yeah. I was pretty much the only one. *crickets chirp some more* Hey, I’m an equal opportunity complainer. I will complain about freeway construction, weekend beach traffic, looky loos and protests (both right or left wing) in all the same breath. But then again, I think I’m an anomaly either way, so I suppose its too much to expect others to look at things in a relatively unbiased manner.