Call me handy D

I’m totally excited about our new place, but I have to admit – as much as I love it, the space, the patios, the layout, even the landlady (pictured in the first photo on the receiving end of the bunny ears), the originally pink walls of the living room were just not going to cut it. So we decided to paint.

Did we go all Pottery Barn on the place? Not so much. Trin and I are kind of simple when it comes to style and all that, so we picked a neutral shade. It’s not exactly white, but it will sure look like it once it dries, I think. check it out:

Trin, our friend Sam, and I hunkered down with some paint rollers, brushes and four gallons of Carolina Strand-colored paint (from Glidden, I believe) and painted the living room in about four hours. We probably could have painted the kitchen, too, like Trin wanted (the color is close to your standard mint n’ chip ice cream), but there wasn’t enough time, plus not enough light. Oh well. But it’s totally exciting – this is my last Wednesday morning in this condo!