A sneak peek at Shakey’s

On Sunday, I have to admit that even as we were on our way to church, I was thinking about having lunch at Shakey’s. It was perfect, since the renovated Shakey’s had just opened just down the street from my church. Maybe I had the craving it was because Franklin Avenue blogged about it recently? Who knows.

Unfortunately, it appears they got rid of the salad bar. But they added a few quite tasty items, like “gourmet” salads, more varieties of pizza and sandwiches and burgers, like the bacon cheddar burger that Trin ordered. The staples, fortunately, was still great – the crust was perfectly crispy and doughy, the mojos still tasty and the fried chicken still delicious.

The renovations opened up the place – removed the wall so that customers could see the kitchen and its mayhem and added a whole lot more bricks to the place. Whether they were real or faux, I couldn’t tell.

Thankfully, they replaced the nasty booths and tables they previously had in this restaurant – the seats were all torn up and the tables sported plenty of carved-in graffiti. The booths, sprinkled throughout the eatery, are very circular and cozy. The restaurant overall is much brighter, thanks to the huge, west-facing windows and the colored tiles on the wall separating the eating area from the game room. I didn’t take any photos of the game room though, since I didn’t want to look like some weirdo taking pictures of kids.