Politics from afar

Even though I once held the politics beat as a reporter, I loathe politics. So many shenanigans. So of course, because I dislike politics, the powers that be will bring me right into the thick of it, like now, while spearheading a special project. And I wanted to share some odd, funny asides that I’ve noticed so far:

  • Email is arguably the most direct way of contact now, but more often than not, political incumbents do not include an email address on their websites. Not even a PR aide’s email address. What’s up with that? I end up having to fill out government email forms, getting my inquiries rejected because my station is not a constituent or I just don’t have an email address for them, period. And of course, if we don’t email them for inclusion, then they’ll be the first ones up in arms. Argh.
  • In the State Senate District 28, I predict a landslide victory among the 18-30 demographic for one candidate. What’s his name? Peter “Pedro” De Baets. Yes. And his website is www.voteforpedro.com. C’mon! Half the kids in junior high and high school already have a T-shirt saying just that!
  • Gloria Romero, who happens to be the current state senator for my area, has a website address included with her candidate listing that seems to be a no-brainer. Only problem is that it seems to be either hacked or or she lost her domain name to a Filipino celebrity/floral/gifts/plastic surgery/dating service. I don’t even think she’s Filipino.