Journalism roads

Via MediaBistro‘s daily newsletter I read this article on freelance writer Jonathan Miles and absolutely loved it. I love hearing about how journalists have gotten to where they are now:

Jonathan Miles became a successful freelancer magazine writer almost by accident. He had no designs on a journalism career when he started out, but after a lot of hard work, loads of natural talent, and a couple of lucky breaks, Miles’ name has appeared on the pages of the major glossies as well as THE newspaper of record.

The interview, in Q&A form, is much like the type of regular feature I envisioned for my blog more than a year ago – before I was told to shut it down. Ahem. Anyway, I’m still thinking I might want to do it, but I’d like to focus on L.A. journalists and I’d like to start with those who blog – but they might not want to participate. Who knows? Anyone game?