How narcissistic are you?

The LAT has followed up a recent study about how celebrities are more narcissistic than everyone else. Yes, I know. Duh.

But what caught my eye was the inclusion of a quiz to measure how narcissistic you are. Of course I had to take it. What was my score, you ask? Here it is:

10 points — Average American score: 15.3 out of 40.
All celebrities: 17.84
Musicians: 16.67
Actors: 18.54
Comedians: 18.89
Reality TV stars: 19.45

However, I believe my quiz results are a little off. Because there’s no way I would have chosen “If I ruled the world it would be a better place.” I think my habit of using my arrow buttons to scroll down on my iBook is the culprit for at least part of my score.

Or is it? I have admitted quite openly before and even once used it as my little motto, that I was narcissistic. I mean, c’mon – I’ve literally built an online shrine to myself, my thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes and opinions. If you think about it, that little breakdown should have included bloggers. I can’t imagine that there are more reality TV stars than bloggers, for goodness sakes.

But then again, my score was 10 and the average American scores at least 15. Maybe I was being overly modest.

I’m also surprised that politicians weren’t included in this ranking. I mean, really! They probably would have scored an average of 38, easy.

Anyway. Just make sure you spell it right, because I originally spelled it narcisstic. :)

One thought on “How narcissistic are you?

  1. I think the nature of writing is to look inward and project that … outward. Call it narcissistic, call it what you will, but I think that people respond to what they think is true and personal, and in terms of fiction, what separates genre writing from “literary” fiction, often, is the latter’s emphasis on the writer’s personal life and experience. And thus closes my Literary Criticism mini-lecture.

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