Fifth anniversary*

The 5th anniversary of Sept. 11 seems to have a particular ring that 2nd, 3rd and 4th did not have. Is it because we should be healed, but we are not? Is it because we should feel we should be past the pain of this day, but we are not?

No matter what, its a day that will always ring in my heart, as it does for any other journalist who was a journalist (student or otherwise) on that day. That day, as luck would have it, I was editor of the Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan, and it would have been our second day of daily production. But, as one current DT writer pointed out while he interviewed me the other night, we all somehow pulled together and put out a paper that comprehensively covered the devastating and emotional event.

But don’t get me wrong – I didn’t do much that day. The best thing I did that day was stand back and let the exceptional people I had surrounded myself with do their thing. The other important thing I did that day was step in when they needed support. In my head, that’s what an editor is supposed to do, and if I’m wrong, well, that’s why I’m not an editor now.

To look back on that day, visit Poynter’s Gallery of Front Pages, which, I’m proud to say, included our contribution (but for some reason, does not now). Recently, I’ve cut a few videos for my work site that are also worth a look. For my discombobulated thoughts a few days afterward, after catching my breath, read them here.

*Read the article I was interviewed for here. And as an aside, Trin and I didn’t really think that an article about how our Sept. 11 issue won acclaim and how it was covered was a fitting fifth anniversary story, but that’s just us. As another aside, I do not like being on the other side of interviews. Guess you guys will never see me on TV!