Current obsessions

The past couple of months I’ve been around way too many of these type of people: realtors (renting out condos/townhouses) and car salespeople. Crikey.

When I have a task at hand, I literally obsess over it. Take the Hawaii trip for example. For six months, my online habits became nearly restricted to Hawaii information sites, tourist destinations, money-saving tip sites, what-to-wear tip sites.

But now, there’s nearly not enough time in the day for me to truly obssess online over finding a place to live and finding a car to replace my junker. (By the way, did you know you could turn in your car to the state of California if it fails a smog check? I’m going to do just that and I’ll tell you about the process later.) Anyway, I’m finding out some very interesting things, and when I finally get them done – for goodness sakes I need to get them done because I cannot relax for thinking that I have stuff to do! – I will tell you all (all two of you) about it.