Bad news first

Earlier this week, I thought I found the car. It was the right color, inside and out, it was nearly impossibly low in mileage, it seemed to be a good price and the dealership seemed ready to talk.

We agreed on a price – $15,000, and I confirmed with the dealer again the next day that that number was for everything – taxes, licensing, etc. We agreed that I would come in this morning to bring a deposit, but instead of his suggested $200, I brought in much more to offset my loan a little (to lower the monthly) and I think that set them off.

It seems they saw I had some money at my disposal, and they figured – hey. Why don’t we try to squeeze her for some more? Long story short, they wanted me to pony up my previously-approved $15,000, plus $2,000 for a down payment, while I was trying to keep the entire price at $15,000 and finance just $14,000.

See, if they had brought the $15,000 plus the tax and licensing and etc from the get-go, I would have been willing to talk. But because they brought it up after we agreed on an amount and I was ready to give them a check (which was ready in my purse and already imprinted with the dealership’s name), I felt ambushed and really pissed. So I walked away.

It was a great deal, yes, but I’m not going to be ambushed. It’s just a car, after all.

One thought on “Bad news first

  1. My kids have horror stories of me wrestling with car salesmen. I have almost walked away from deals after hours of haggling because the final figures were off by pennies. I won’t set foot in a car dealership to actually buy a car anymore. I only shop on-line.

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