Anonymous now means locked*

Finally! Blogger has finally added a permissions feature to its beta version, which makes it much easier for me on my personal, anonymous blog. Maybe now I can mention names and places, but I think its a habit that I won’t be able to break now.

I’ve locked all my anonymous blogs (I have three of them, but one of them, I’ve stopped posting to). If you used to know it, but are now locked out, just let me know and I’ll give you an in. If you never had it before, but want it now, ask nicely and I might think about it. Then you’ll see the sheer volume of my madness.

However, I’m just promising think about new requests. I’m not promising anything further, though. :) Because, you never know – you might not want to know what I’ve put on my personal blog. Heh.

*Okay, maybe not. The permissions feature doesn’t seem to work for me…..I tried it out with another email address on both my Mac and my PC at work, but I couldn’t access it. Ah well.

One thought on “Anonymous now means locked*

  1. The “personal” blog feature seems to be the ONLY thing that Blogger is bringing to the table with the beta, near as I can figure out. I haven’t converted any of mine over yet, not that I’d know what to do if I wanted to. I guess “private” blogs could be of some benefit — you probably know about Ron Fineman’s “On the Record,” since you’re in the TV biz now, and that is subscriber-only (and probably very successful) … but for the most part, I’m not all that jazzed by private blogging, although I certainly can see the need for it in business and perhaps family-newsletter-type situations.

    Other than that, I’d love to be able to change the look of my blog without wiping out the entire blogroll.

    But overall, Blogger hasn’t made a case for why the new version is better than the old. Since we’ll all have to change whether we like it or not, they really don’t have to sell it at all.

    Rant over.

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