1 year later

I’ve been busy with a big project at work that has me exhausted by the time I get home (plus I’m working days for the duration of the project, and I had no idea how much I’d gotten used to nights), but I haven’t forgotten….

Yesterday was my first year anniversary at work. Yehey! (By the way, has anyone else noticed that last year’s September falls on the same days on this year’s September? I noticed it when looking up my anonyblog for the date on which I first wrote about the “new” job. Ironically, I also wrote that post the Friday after the fact.)

I hope to post more this weekend, seeing as I have a Wedding Decorator post in my camera, musings on Craigslist vs. newspaper ads and I haven’t elaborated on the new car and new place yet. But its not looking good – on Saturday I have to take my car to the junkyard (poor Daisy!) and Sunday we have to go look at our new place and decide what to paint the living room, the walls of which are currently light pink.

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