There’s jazz in them thar hills*

Warning, this is a PSA. Well, sort of.

My neighborhood, Monterey Hills (and honestly that’s a worthless link, since it hasn’t been updated since Winter of 2004), apparently has a jazz festival every year in August. I don’t remember why we didn’t go last year, but I am really raring to go this year.

The free festival will be at Bud Wiener Park on Via Marisol between Via Colina and Via Arbolada Sunday between 11:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. (I probably won’t be around till 4 p.m.) Performers include the Susie Hansen Latin Band, Nocy, Jimmy McConnell & the United Jazz Band, Tamrell & the Beautiful People and Miguel Losada Quartet. There will apparently also be vendors, a masseuse and a play area for kids.

Because the venue is going to be in a park on a hill surrounded by residential condos, getting there and parking will be a major headache, especially since Via Marisol and a portion of Via Arbolada is supposed to be closed most of the day. There’s apparently a shuttle that’ll run from the shopping center at Via Marisol and Monterey Road. But if you want to battle it out for a street space, some of the alternate routes up the hill include south Via Marisol from Monterey Road (away from the shopping center), Via Mia and, of course, Via Colina.

See you there!

*updated Saturday 2:42 a.m.