Some things never change

With mostly one big news story to be vigilant about lately, I had some time to click around the net tonight and thought, hey. Let’s go see what the old alma mater is up to.

Yeah. It seems some things never change. Check out the stand-in title, headline and byline that is standard on any template, whether print or online. Question is – how did it end up being posted online? Stuff like this happens all the time, of course, but usually, fixing stuff like that online is easy. I remember once seeing a brief like that in the print LAT – d’oh!

Well? It’s good to know that some of the best things in life never change.

One thought on “Some things never change

  1. Hey…sorry I wasnt there to reply to your IM…I accidently left it on for a month.

    Speaking of typos, what is this on KCAL’s site?

    Toulca Lake Restaurant Robbed At Gunpoint

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