Overture to Cuteoverload.com

OK, folks. I’m on a mission. I think Kip, as crazy as he is, is so cute that sometimes I have to throttle him. I mean, dude. He is one good looking kitty. So I think that the following pictures should be enough to get him on to Cuteoverload.com (which I’ve been cooing over everytime I see pictures of Fisher, but that’s another story).

I believe the following photo (taken Monday), adheres with Cuteoverload.com rules #20 (Show your paw pads!) and #22 (Curl up your paw). Plus, I think there should be a rule denoting the barnacle-like stick factor (in this case, around a sofa pillow).

The following photo (taken last week) adheres with Cuteoverload.com rule #25 (Dangle your paw). Kip has gotten to a point where he likes to keep an eye on me (guards the bathroom when I’m in there, meows at the bedroom door when I go in to change), so when I’m in the kitchen, this is his spot to make sure I’m not up to no good.

And I can’t be sure, since I’m not the Cuteoverload.com Queen of the World, but the following photo (taken in June, but I think its worthy of reposting) adheres with several rules: #25 (Dangle your paw), #20 (Show your paw pads!) and though it doesn’t quite adhere with #22 (Curl up your paw), it does adhere with the bonus of having the eyes matching something else in the picture – not the carpet, here, but my sweater draped on the back of the chair.
Besides, doesn’t he get bonus points for his human-like attitude?