Freakin iPod people

OK. I have an iBook on the fritz. A very knowledgeable friend already tried to help me out with it, to no avail – for some reason deleted files keep returning, which is keeping it from starting up normally. So, logic says I would go to the nearest Apple Store to talk to a “Genius,” right?


Problem is, I’m not a ProCare member. My iBook is more than four years old – a senior citizen in computer years. And if you’re not a ProCare member (many of whom, I’ve found are now iPod idiots users), well, ahem, you must go to the back of the bus – er, line.

Arggggggh. I just want my computer to be fixed. I want to go online from home. Is that so wrong?

(And on a side note, I’ve had an iPod on the fritz for the past year, and you don’t see me bringing the stupid thing in. If the battery lasts for two hours, I’m a happy girl.)

Anyway, Apple people. Please. Please. Please. PLEASE. Please create some sort of system where you help actual computer problems and iPod problems separately. That way, if there aren’t a lot of computer problems, then those computer “geniuses” can help the iPod people. Please.