As the news turns

I have a new newsroom crush. He’s got sandy brown hair, beautiful, doleful brown eyes, and is just so cute you wan t to steal him away, hug him all day, and take him home for a cuddle-nap. Oh – and he’s got floppy ears, a tail, a wet nose and walks on four legs. Yes. His name is Fisher and everytime I look at him – even if its just a picture! – I want to squeal real high-pitched like. I feel like a groupie.

Fisher is a guide dog in training, and he’ll be at CBS 2/KCAL 9 for the next 18 to 24 months. Awwwwww! Isn’t he just adorable!?????? One of the station’s promotions guys, Mike Maas, is training Fisher. For a little more on Fisher, here’s the video and here’s the slideshow. The web team (that would include me) plans to document Fisher’s training in pictures and occasional videos (I think).

In other news, I sure am glad I’m not traveling anymore this year (but not really. I wanna go on vacation again!). But that’s not the case for other people – case in point, Brent Hopkins of the Daily News got caught up ….in the news. He happened to be on his way to Seattle the same day the rest of the world was hearing about the terror plot arrests in London. That is some bad luck. But he and his wife seemed to get past OK.

Good luck getting back, buddy!