Another bachlorette down

Bachelors should be mourning. Janet is officially going off the market on Sunday, so last Saturday (hey, my computer’s been on the fritz, OK?) we girls went out for a day of rest and relaxation at Burke Williams, dinner at The Grill and after that, they went to go ogle guys at Hollywood Men. As the official old lady, I went home, cleaned and relaxed with a book.

The Grill, food-wise, was good. I had chicken piccata – I love chicken piccata. I don’t know why. Sabrina got Janet an adorable little tiara and Cathy and Linda tried to improvise a veil with a napkin.

Of course, being at the Hollywood & Highland complex, I had to make a stop at Papa Beard’s. (But I opted not to take a picture.) I took the opportunity to try their little chocolate mondant (I think that’s what its called). It’s sort of your poor man’s version of the Roy’s dark chocolate souffle. Yum. I still dream about it.

So, if you’re keeping count, everyone on the right in this picture is either married or soon to be, and those on the left (Sabrina in the stripes, Linda standing tall in the back) are single – or at least not engaged yet. Hop to it!