A word for the wise wireless user

If you’re a Sprint customer and you want to cancel, make sure you do it before the next billing cycle.

You have no idea. Trinity is so upset because he so wanted to get a new phone, and the both of us have been done with Sprint for a while now. But we were greeted with a less-than-appetizing reality.

We went into the Pasadena Sprint store, thinking we could cancel there. Nope. We had to call, and I had tried to earlier, but the *2 or *7 feature on my phone was not working. Fine, so sat in the store and we called. First, it turned out we hadn’t paid our July bill – whoops. So we paid it. But, the agent tried to get us to pay through the end of August.

How about – not so much? I handed the phone over to Trinity (because I am more prone to screaming at the annoying voice over the phone) and he demanded to speak to a supervisor. After the agent calmed him down, and got a promise that if we were to cancel that day (which was yesterday, actually), we would be billed through the end of August, but credited for whatever we didn’t use. So he handed the phone back to me to close the account (my name is the primary on the account).

Oh, but that’s not all. When it came time to try to close the account, they told us (first me, then Trinity) we could not close the account that day, free and clear – we would have to pay through the end of the month because we were already billed.

So – Sprint can’t re-issue a new bill? No. What if I had made more calls than I was allotted on my plan – I’d get a new bill then, right? Right.

So – Sprint can’t credit what we don’t use? No. What if someone had hijacked our accounts or stolen our identities – they could do it then, right? Right.

So – Sprint can’t let customers just come into a store and close an account, like any other type of retail store? No. That would make closing accounts too easy.

Thanks a lot Sprint. Trinity was telling me that, when he used to work at Kinko’s, a common customer service mantra was, if a customer vowed to never do business with you again, s/he would be taken at least 10 others with him/her.

Between me and Trinity, that’s 20 people. Oh, and I’m definitely going to participate in that class-action lawsuit now. Good job, Sprint!