A wedding / high school reunion

Bachelors, get your crying done now. One of the sweetest girls I know who also happens to be pretty darn cute, too – she’s now officially off the market. Janet and Albert got married in an adorable garden wedding in Dana Point Sunday. And even though my mom didn’t do the decorations (heheh), it was a beautiful wedding. Janet looked absolutely gorgeous, Albert and his friends looked dapper, the mellow sage (green) color was great on everything and the place was beautifully, and simply, decorated. Plus, having so many friends and family be there and so joyful for her was great – I don’t think Janet has one enemy in the world. Seeing her mom again was great, too – I hadn’t seen Janet’s mom since high school, and she was so sweet! She made a short speech during the reception, and what was the first thing she said? “I’m so happy!” Awwwww!

Of course, I have been my group of friends unofficial photographer ever since I can remember, and honestly – the best things in life remain the same. So of course, armed with my (crappy) digital camera, I managed to jump in front of the official photographers to get a picture of my friends. Besides Janet – you know, that chick in the white dress, Linda and Cathy are flanking her, and Sabrina is somewhere back there.

Unlike any other wedding I have been to, I saw more folks from my old high school than any other event I’ve been to. I suppose seeing people from high school at Janet’s wedding is better than going to my high school reunion (I wasn’t planning on going anyway), since I know Janet is cool peoples and wouldn’t have invited any of the folks I worked so hard to get away from.

Oh, sorry what? I didn’t say anything. (snicker) In the above picture, is the old crew, one I very cornily (yes, I know, not a word) dubbed “The Ladies of Friendship.” Yes. I was a dork. I’m still a dork.

From left to right is Lisa, Olivia, Linda, Cathy, Sabrina and myself. Of course, Janet and Albert are sitting down, duh.

Janet’s wedding wasn’t just a high school reunion for me – it was also a tiny college reunion too! Heather aka Red was one of my best, most dogged reporters when I was editor of the CSUF Daily Titan. She, along with Trinity, were the most dependable reporters I had that semester. Trini and I had a great time catching up with her. Heather and Janet are both teachers in Torrance – its such a small world!

And, of course, you know who this guy is. It was a fun wedding and I daresay, one of the biggest hits of the whole event was the chocolate fountain. MMMMMmmmmm. Imagine a table of fresh strawberries and Rice Krispie treats flanking a silver fountain of pure chocolate, the aroma of which hits you right when you walk in the door. Mmmmmmmmm. I had a week’s fill of chocolate in one night, I think.