Weekend musings

Lotus Festival sans me, too: As much as I love the Lotus Festival (and I’ve also introduced many others to the love of this festival and FPAC in September) I’ve worked Saturdays for the past couple of years and have not been able to go. Don’t ask me about Sundays, either – I’m usually at church till at least 2 or 3 p.m. I’ve broached the possibility of going in the late afternoon with Trinity, but he didn’t seem interested. Sigh. But apparently, I won’t be the only one not going to the Lotus Festival – the usually obliging lotus won’t be blooming until about next month.

Claremont’s 50-somethings finally get it: A first-person account by Terril Yue Jones details his high school’s class of 1976 pre-reunion via a Yahoo chatroom. One of the cool things about the story – I think – was that it sort of showed you never know the potential crappy, shy, immature high school students are capable of. The thought always occured to me even when I covered education and interviewed these overachieving students from Glendale and La Crescenta. I never liked high school myself (I graduated from Los Altos High in Hacienda Heights), and mostly kept in touch with people from the class of 1997 – the class that graduated after me. I more fondly remember folks from my time at the Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan and the 2001 edition of the AAJA Voices student project.

In the thick of it: During my shift, I noticed one of our in-house cams was directed at Hollywood Boulevard, where the Minuteman rally drew a bunch of counter protesters. It was kinda cool to read the urgent wire advisory about the officer injured and people being arrested, then look up to see ambulances go by on the in-house cam. (Not to say that it was cool that the officer was injured and the people got arrested. That’s not cool, but maybe it was expected.) Read about it or watch a video about the whole dealio here. It also makes me think that when we move to Studio City next year, I’m going to miss being in the middle of all the action.