Scooting around town

I was entranced by the transportation feature on scooters in the LAT today (rather, Wednesday). I love the idea of zipping around town on a scooter, but unfortunately, the reality of it is – scooters are only really good for getting around a self-contained city like Santa Monica or recreational transportation. They would also be really cool for teenagers who don’t go far, I would think, but then again – I fear a teenager on a scooter would either be a danger to him/herself or at risk of looking Urkel-like.

However, say I ended up moving kind of far and had to keep commuting into L.A. – I love the idea of commuting by train and using a scooter on the work end, and having a normal car on the home end. Now that’s a thought.

Photo via Flickr’s Scootin’ Fools