GNP’s new publisher

I found out about the Glendale News-Press’ new publisher via AAJA, actually. Elaine Zinngrabe, whose name I always saw third-hand on memos and such while I was at the GNP, is being appointed publisher of the GNP. I didn’t even realize she was Asian.

She used to be the GM of the OC TCN papers – like the Daily Pilot. If you ask me if she’s nice or a penny-pincher, I would have no idea. But two thoughts occurred to me when I saw the news.

First, this’ll be another move by a manager from OC to Glendale – my esteemed former ME Danette Goulet made the most recent move. But then again, there is quite a bit of trading between OC and Glendale – my former colleague/city editor Ryan Carter did the same thing.

Second – why do such tiny newspapers as the Glendale News-Press and the Burbank Leader need a publisher? Don’t they already have general managers? Isn’t that just another hefty paycheck to sign? Hm.

Anyway, Elaine, please don’t make your business reporter do stories about businesses just because they’re asking for them or the education reporter do stories about miniscule scholarship awards just because you’re president of the foundation handing them out. In fact, leave the story assignments to the ME. Thanks.