Working about blogging

Heheh. I remember the first time my blog world intersected directly with my work. But that was when I had to be careful about blogging about work. Now, my work is about bloggers. Hm. How did I become the blogging expert?

Anyway, I did my second-ever video interview, this time with the guys behind the LAPD and LAFD blogs. It was my idea, yes, but my original concept was for Jenn McBride to interview them – not me. Unfortunately, whoever smelt it dealt it, so I had to do the interview. I wasn’t really ecstatic with how it turned out – mostly because I look like a cow (does my face really look like its swollen in real life? Garsh.) – but there it is. Then, I wasn’t going to really blog a pointer to it, but then Laist and then LA Observed picked it up. Garsh.

So. If you want to go see me sit and talk (and my God, I sound like I’m 15 – “b’bye!” Ugh.), go ahead and check out the video, as I now begin to fret over the wedding I have to be in Saturday. *sigh*