The Chicago-Honolulu-Los Angeles link*

I probably knew this in advance but didn’t pay attention, but it turns out Chicago Tribune editor Ann Marie Lipinski was one of the speakers of a plenary I was hot to attend, called “Staying Relevant, Staying Alive: What’s Next For Mainstream Media?”

So of course I took the opportunity to ask a question, along the lines of “So I’m from L.A., where the burning question is, what’s going to happen next with the KTLA/Los Angeles Times, which was heralded as a model of convergence. My question is, what’s now the new model for convergence?” She couldn’t really answer my question, and said she didn’t know much about KTLA. Ouch. That doesn’t really help, does it? Isn’t she supposed to be a Tribune vice president, too?

But then Neil Budde, of Yahoo! News, stepped in and said that what he thought what probably had to change was that journalists at each organization need to think about the different ways to deliver every story. Good answer.

*edited to include links and the correct title of the plenary.

2 thoughts on “The Chicago-Honolulu-Los Angeles link*

  1. “…journalists at each organization needs to think about the different ways to deliver every story…”


  2. Well, probably not at the Glendale News-Press, where there’s not even enough time to go eat lunch.

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