Some pictures from paradise

In a lull between lunch (Roundtable Pizza at the Sheraton Waikiki, thank you very much) and my next convention workshop, I sat out the early afternoon sessions (since that time slot didn’t have anything I was interested in) and formatted some pictures for the blog….

The view from our hotel room at the Miramar Waikiki. They were very proud to tell us that they had upgraded our room for free. They also left some California wine in our fridge to congratulate us for being on our (belated) honeymoon, even though I told the travel agent that Trinity and I don’t drink. Ah well. We gave it to our friend Brandon.

On Tuesday, we hooked up with some folks from the convention, who were led by a local named Daniel. Daniel has literally become our social director – he took us out to the North Shore to go snorkeling, where we literally dodged sea turtles. It was a beautiful, relaxing day.

Ever seen me drink? Yes. Ever seen Trinity drink? Ha, not so much. This would be probably your only opportunity. At the convention’s opening reception at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, they were handing out complimentary mai tais at the door. I later had water, it was so hot.

Instead of attending a town hall on Hawaiian sovereignty on Thursday, Trinity and I played hooky by going to the Paradise Cove luau, where he got snagged to do the “pulling in of the fish nets.” (There’s actually a Hawaiian term for this, which I can’t recall or look up right now, since I’m in a hurry.) I would scan and post the after pictures, which are fall-down-funny, but I’ve already begrudgingly promised not to. *sigh*

Here’s me, trying to look cute with the flower in my hair as I wait to ride the canoe! Which was fun. Not pictured is the ti leaf and flower bracelet I braided all by myself! I was very proud. Most of the other women had just had the girl braid it for them because she was so fast, but no self-respecting Filipino florist’s daughter could do such a thing.

Sunset at Paradise Cove. Beautiful.

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