Reporting from the islands

Aloha! Dang its hot here! I’m here in Hawaii, yayyyyy! It’s only 11-ish am, and over on the mainland its already afternoon! Anyway, the Internet access from my room is expensive and this Internet Cafe is $2 for every 15 minutes, so don’t expect too many posts while I’m in Hawaii.

Real quick though, a few notes about leaving:

== Kip was not happy to go back to Mut‘s house. He growled at all of Mut’s cats, who kept trying to sniff his butt. Then, when I hugged him and kissed him goodbye – he growled at me and then SMACKED ME IN THE HEAD! What’s up with that! He Kip-smacked me!

== I took the LAX flyaway from Union Station. It was a cool dealio but they need more signs to let people know where the ticket booth is. I nearly missed the huge, hard-to-miss baby blue buss with the huge “LAX FLYAWAY” on the side because the ticket booth is on the other side of the Patsouras Plaza (I might have misspelled it, but that’s just because I’m in a hurry.)

Anyway, I’ll be thinking of you all.

Who am I kidding! No I won’t! I’m in Hawaii!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Reporting from the islands

  1. Wish I could be there, Darleene! Have a great time…and make sure to get in lots of “honeymoon” time, rather than “convention” time!!!!

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