Myspace myopia

The Myspace movement cracks me up. It’s like people are discovering the Internet all over again because there’s Myspace.

Me, I’ve been online since…1997. Almost 10 years ago. Wow. And when I got online I frequented focused networking sites with silly names like MixtureOnline (an Asian site with an aftermarket car industry tinge), AsianAvenue (an Asian site), CollegeClub (duh – a college networking site, but I did like some of their articles). I think I was a member of a few more sites, but I can’t remember anymore. Anyway, it seems like those sites have gone full circle and morphed into the all-inclusive Myspace.

Through Myspace, I’ve been contacted by more old high school friends in six months than I have in the last 10 years (my high school reunion is this year, actually). It’s like I never had a website or something that these people could have Googled in all those years. But once I got on Myspace, I finally got on the radar!

An old friend sent me a message through Myspace last night. Well, I found it last night, I’m not sure when she sent it. Anyway, I’d Googled this friend a couple of times, to see if there was anything online that might give me an idea of what she was up to. See, this old friend was a really old friend – one of the two friends I’d had in kindergarten. Kindergarten! I never found anything on her, but wow! Now because she and I are on Myspace, I have discovered she’s married with two babies, a boy and a girl, and she’s studying to be an RN. I don’t know what this whole situation says about my site – maybe I need better keywords or something, I don’t know.

Anyway. I no longer feel a need to go to my high school reunion this year. I think I’ve had enough reunions via Myspace to last me a lifetime.