Maui wow wee, indeed

Dude. This is the view from our Maui hotel room. Seriously.

Internet access at this hotel (Napili Shores Resort) is better, with a free hot spot in the lobby, but I’m not trying to spend my days blogging this entire vacation from here. There’s entirely too much to do here in Maui. So I leave you with this photo of Trini and I, at the off-the-beaten-path waterfall at the Twin Falls, along the Road to Hana.

For some photos from the AAJA convention, check out Andrew DeVigal‘s flickr stream.

2 thoughts on “Maui wow wee, indeed

  1. Hey Girl,

    Glad you’re having a great time on MY island.

    Make sure to check out Maui Tacos and the best breakfast places on the island.

    1) The Plantation(yes at the golf coarse): food A, View A+, Price A+

    2) The Gazebo-sits right on the beach and you can probably see it from your window. Gobs of food and cheap.

    3) The General Store in Pie-a-ah (can’t remember how to spell it so it’s phonetic), and speaking of Maui Woo Wee, if you’re looking for thats the place to get it at the same time as you are having a tattoo installed on your body at one of the 8 million tattoo parlors there.

    Have a blast

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