Kitty play date

With our Hawaii vacation/honeymoon looming quickly (T-minus 19 days!) I of course had to find accomodations for the Kip. PlanetMut has agreed to host Kipper for the two weeks we’ll be gone, which is perfect because Kip will have three built in playmates – Madoc, Emric and Iestyn.

Although, the first couple of hours didn’t seem to bode well…

Where’s Kip, you ask? After hesitantly exploring and sniffing Matt’s living room and kitchen, he retreated under the bed, where he remained while Matt and I went to Ruby’s for brunch. When it came time to go home, Matt put some food on a plate to lure him closer, and I had to reach in and drag him out.

Madoc seemed to be pretty OK with Kip, although Emric seems to be the gang leader in Matt’s house. Emric hissed at Kip intermittently during his hesitant tour, but Matt says Emric did that to Iestyn, too, when he first came to the house. Here is Iestyn batting at Kip (who was totally ready to go home), apparently saying, “hey, I still want that noisy bird toy you’ve got there.” Kip, on the other hand, has got wide eyes and seems to be going, “I don’t know you, man.”