Hot linking hell

Apparently, PlanetMut is not the only site having problems with hot linkers, which, for those of you who don’t know, refers to people who link to images on other sites. Its a problem because it steals bandwidth from the linked-to site, plus, its just easier all around if you just download the image and host it yourself somewhere. Dude, there are tons of free image hosting sites around. Stop being so lazy.

Mut’s problem has been with mostly MySpace morons who are enamored with his dirtbiking pictures. I just discovered tonight that someone posting to a Spanish language entertainment forum used a picture from my Gingerdead Man post (a picture I actually jacked from IMDB, but at least I didn’t hotlink it). Thanks a lot. So I pulled a Mut (although I don’t have any convenient photos of cat poop to post):

This is a problem. As much as I am an advocate of people getting online and learning HTML, use it for good, not evil – stop the hot linking hell!

I also figured out that I’m somehow getting hits from a message board. This makes no sense, seeing as how I’m hardly a sports fan, much less a hockey fan. I haven’t determined yet if its a particular photo because I can’t get into the link to see. I’ll report back when I’m approved as a member on what I find.