The verdict is in!

Guilty! No I’m kidding. I was in a civil trial, hello? But we did reach a verdict yesterday and I was finally released for good behavior…erm, I mean, from jury duty. My take on the whole case? It was essentially a freak accident at a friend’s house that resulted in a serious injury. But friends don’t sue friends (at least not in my world) and honestly – the friend was not negligent, and that was the main question. After saying no to that question, that was it.

However, not realizing that Wednesday would be my last day of jury duty, I hiked (literally, since I made my way through the Wells Fargo Center, down Hope Place and down Bunker Hill steps) to the Los Angeles Public Library. And it was my lucky day – it was the day of the Farmer’s Market! I had seen the banners along Grand Avenue, but of course didn’t really pay attention (I mean, who does?).

But it truly was kismet – the food choices included Thai food, Middle Eastern food, fresh fruit, smoothies and the Holy Grail of Los Angeles cuisine: bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Yowza. For $5 I got one such bacon-wrapped hot dog and a mango drink. Hallelujah! It just goes to show that tasty food need not be expensive. Heheh. And later, my fellow jurors regretted not going with me to lunch – they had gone out looking for those very hot dogs and the usual guy selling them wasn’t there.

Anyway, so that’s the end of my jury duty urban adventure. Because of it, I was not able to go to E3, and even briefly considered selling my media pass on eBay, but ah well. Such is life, and you just gotta go with the flow. Jury duty, for me, was a bit like a mini vacation – I had my nights free, got a chance to hang out with friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time and enjoy the evenings in general (the web loft is like a cave). At the same time, I’m looking forward to not buying lunch every day (because its not like they provide refrigerators for jurors) and getting back to actually knowing what the news is. Yay!

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