Preparing my next food adventure

Running around downtown L.A. has also given me an opportunity to check out all the food places, although I’m much less adventurous than Mike and Maria. My first day, I had this Thai plate (shrimp, beef, chicken and another skewer that I didn’t know the name of) for just $5 at the Grand Central market; I got a Robek’s sandwich and smoothie my second day at the Wells Fargo Center; and yesterday I had a Greek salad at this place called Salads 2000 in the Fountain Court.

Today, I’m considering going to Asian Noodles, a spot that my buddy Moonie has been recommending for a long time, but I have never gotten a chance to go try. My interest in the restaurant picked up when the LAT did a review on the restaurant last year. But its hard trying to get Trinity to go anywhere, much less anywhere in L.A., so I’m going this alone for now.

Afterward, I might run around Olvera Street a little, if I have time. I sometimes don’t know what to do with myself, with 1.5 hours for lunch. Anyway, I’ll have a full report later and if Asian Noodles lives up to the hype, I’m planning on submitting it for Franklin Avenue’s consideration for their 100th Rate-A-Restaurant.

(BTW, I do have decoration pics from, like, the last two weekends, but I’ve been really lazy, and I don’t think anyone really follows them. Except for all the bridezillas searching for pictures about how to decorate gazebos and stuff. There’s a lot of them out there.)