News from former co-workers world

In a way, one of the reasons why I love having had my site for so long is to provide a way for people to catch up on the worlds of former Daily Titan staffers, Pulliam interns, AAJA-ers (at least my circle, heh), and Glendale News-Press and Burbank Leader reporters. And, um, this weekend was kind of a big one in terms of my past associations catching up with me.

At the National Writers Workshop in Fullerton Saturday, I ran into my former coworker Mark Madler (now at the SFV Biz Journal) and he said that the news assistant we worked with, Ani Amirkhanian, was there, but I didn’t get a chance to see her. I saw my former DT editor, Fermin Leal, who slid away silently when I asked about another friend, Vu Nguyen. And the biggest surprise of all? Running into Justin Juozapavicius, who was in my class of Pulliams in 2002 at the Arizona Republic. When we were Pulliams together, he was like the Golden Child of news reporting. He had gone back to the midwest after our summer was over, but apparently got a permanent job offer at the Republic, where he and his wife both work now. It was nice running into someone from that summer, and now it makes sense why both Justin and I were always scarce when the rest of the interns wanted to go party!

Besides actually seeing folks, I got some good news today – Mark won a spot news CNPA award for either second or first place (he said he finds out for sure in July) for a story about an elderly woman being rescued from a burning home; the Burbank Leader won awards for design and its sports coverage; laid-off photog Scott Roby got a certificate of achievement and the News-Press won an award for its Metrolink crash coverage. However, none of the reporters who actually contributed to the Metrolink crash coverage are actually at the News-Press anymore. Ironic? I think not.

But perhaps the best news of all – my buddies Josh and Nicole got engaged last Friday. I found out Saturday, when Josh sent out an email detailing the adorable way in which he proposed, but waited on posting until I got the OK. Hey, I do have restraint! Josh and Nicole had met through another former coworker, Jackie Conley, at Josh’s New Year’s party….in 2004. I think. Anyway, for more on the happy couple and a very cheesy slideshow with music Trinity thought was awesome! check out Josh’s lightly-updated blog.

Congratulations, all!