My video debut!

I wanted to say it was my cinematic debut, but that wasn’t right.

Anyway, my video story on NWC is finally published! I was leaving downtown Los Angeles and another day of jury duty (my seventh day), so I called into work to see if the web team needed anything else from me for that story. But when I talked to Caroline (my usual night shift mate), she said it was already published! I began singing, “yayyyyyy!” (I’m such a kid.)

It’s my first ever video story and dude, I was so nervous at just the thought of holding a microphone and nearly hysterical at the thought of having to be on camera. Everytime we discussed it, as much as I wanted to do the story, I broke out in a cold sweat and sweat palms. But finally, we did it. I was supposed to do a stand up (a shot of me with some sort of short, quirky lead-in), but I messed it up (and was really too nervous to do it) when we first interviewed the guys, then I got called into jury duty and there was no more time to do another one. Oh well. It’s really much better without me in it, and dude, you can hear me cackling all the way through it anyway. And yeah, that’s my right shoulder up there.

So go check it out! a couple of times! Now!!!

2 thoughts on “My video debut!

  1. Yehaw girl! I want that job. Sounds like you’re the only person in the world who got totally excited about jury duty. Go figure!

  2. congrats on the video–and nice work. I’ve been doing some video work myself too, very exciting. you can check it out, if you’d like, at My latest one is about break-dancing (just scroll down or do a find.) I also did one about step dancing that is not as good.

    (these videos accompanied articles so they are meant to enhance the article, not just be stand-alone necessarily, FYI.)

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