Help wanted in L.A. journalism

My executive producer Jason was aghast to learn recently that I knew Fox 11 was looking to fill several online positions. I knew, not because I was looking to get a new job (dude, I freakin love my job; I wish I’d been called for jury duty last year at the job I didn’t really want to be at, but them’s the breaks), but because I compulsively read websites by L.A. journalists or having to do with L.A. journalism. And that would include‘s California listings. (And unfortunately, they fixed the search function so that it will not longer include all categories when searching for just California stuff.)

(And by the way, Fox is looking for their overnight web producer to know JSP, Flash and have journalism experience on both print and broadcasting sides? Good luck with that! I’ve been doing web site work for at least the past 7 years, and journalism for the past 5 years, and I don’t even know Flash, much less JSP.)

Anyway, today I noticed that one of the newspapers I used to write for, the Burbank Leader, is looking for an education reporter – again. If my memory serves me correctly, the current education reporter got there just after I left the Glendale News-Press/Burbank Leader. Hm. Sounds like nothing’s changed…sorry guys (to my friends still working there).

However, another listing that struck me as very interesting was the one by the Daily News, looking for community/online reporters. However, the ad doesn’t seem to really be looking for journalists:

The Los Angeles Daily News is seeking reporters for an innovative citizen journalism project that will produce online and print products. We’re looking for energetic journalists who can do it all. Jobs involve reporting and writing stories, basic photography, editing and organizing reader submissions, meeting with community groups and managing Web sites. Salary is based experience.

So my questions are: Are they looking for journalists? And if not, why would they post it on What kind of citizen journalism project would this be? Are these full-time positions they would be filling? Are they looking for editors or actual reporters? And do these reporters, once they get hired, get to write solely for online or for print or do they get to do both?

Interesting. I guess I will have to wait and see what the Daily News is up to…