Heart for a stranger

I first read about Christine Pechera and her urgent need for a bone marrow donor on Franklin Avenue (here’s their latest post about her). Even though I don’t know her, when I first started reading about her, I checked with A3M to make sure that I was still registered as a bone marrow donor. I am registered, but they didn’t have current contact information for me. So I updated my information, and that was it. I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

However, I was reminded about Christine when it turned out my station decided to do a story on her. I went back and started surfing her site, Save Christine. Because I don’t know how well A3M connects with individual people like Chrstine, I decided to just order one of their self-test kits, which are free for minorities, but $52 for Caucasians (sorry). As I surfed the site, I also found a video that she (a filmmaker) and her friends made (I think) that I found utterly heartbreaking. If I hadn’t already asked for one of their self-test kits, I would have done it right then.

I know there are a lot of Filipinos who come across this site while looking for Arko Foods in Glendale or Filipino restaurants or to read about the whole Canadian spoon debacle. But if you just take a little bit of time out of your life to test yourself – for free! – you could save a life.