Countdown to paradise

People? It’s May 19. In exactly one month, Trinity and I will be leaving for our first ever big vacation/honeymoon together – in Hawaii.

People who have borrowed my laptop here at home are aware of my obsession with Hawaii. I’m obsessed for a few reasons: 1) I’ve never initiated a huge vacation like this (although I’ve been on plenty of business/school trips and was similarly obsessed) 2) I’m not going to have a lot of time there, just two weeks, but one week I’ll be preoccupied with a convention and 3) we don’t have a whole lot of money to spend. So I’m planning meticulously to make the most of the time and money that we’ll have.

When I began planning, I found this worksheet that was totally useful. I totally recommend it if you’re a worrywart like me – that way, you can do your worrying before the trip.

Now, for all trips, whether three days or 10, I create a checklist make sure I have everything I need regularly. I solicited tons of help from my buddy Moonie, who recommended Travel Hawaii for my airline and hotel needs. Especially since I was so adamant about buying our plane tickets so early, we got a great deal – $843 for the both of us to Honolulu. As for things to do, like I said, I’ll preoccupied with a convention, but I’m making time for certain things.

On Oahu, I’m hoping to visit Iolani Palace, go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, go to the Paradise Cove Luau, hike Diamond Head with the convention peoples and shop at the Aloha Stadium swapmeet. If there’s time, I’d love to see the Dole Plantation, but my heart’s not set on it. We’re not planning to rent a car, since we’ll be pretty close to the convention hotel, and I hear that Oahu’s public transportation is actually quite good. Oh, yeah, and I do plan on going to the beach , heheh.

On Maui, I want to drive the Road to Hana (but not with one of those expensive tours), go on a sunset horseback ride and see the sunrise at the Haleakala Crater (again, by ourselves, not with an expensive tour).

See? Obsessed. But I figure my obsession is to another person’s benefit. Obviously, I loved the Travel-Hawaii site, which I found to have the cheapest airline tickets and hotel bookings, but I also loved the AndHawaii site, which to me had many useful tips and tricks to visiting Hawaii, which is definitely a part of the United States, but still is not quite like driving to Arizona. Heh.

I worry a little about having Internet access while I’m there, though. The convention provides computers, sure, so I’ll be able to check email and all that – but blogging? I don’t know how frequent it will be, since neither of my hotels have free high-speed Internet access, much less a wireless hookup. However, since I have SBC Global DSL, I could (for another small fee) subscribe to AT&T’s network of hotspots. It’s something to consider.

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  1. Its been a long time, but hit Hanauma Bay very early, as once the Japanese Tour Busses get there and the lot fills, they close it (at least that is how I got shut out last visit)

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