Coffee, cake and champagne, oh my*

At CBS 2/KCAL 9, it was a huge day of celebration. I mean, never mind the fact that CBS 2 News at 11 PM is now No. 1 – dude, it’s my birthday!

My coworkers greeted me today with this cake – which reads “Dude It’s Your Birthday” (and I hear that the silly cake writer didn’t know how to spell “dude.”) – which was a tiramisu cake, and a double chocolate cream cake. Not only that, my lovely wonderful coworker Alan surprised me with what he called my “Hawaii survival kit.” Awwww!!!!! The kit had this lovely lei, a can of spam, a can of Dole’s crushed pineapple, and “For Your Consideration” copies of Friends and NCIS, in case it rains in paradise. Now, I know you’re thinking, dude, those gifts are kind of dorky, but honestly – Alan put so much thought into it, that is truly what touched me. Thanks Alan!

But anyway, yes. CBS 2 News is now No. 1 in the Los Angeles market, a feat that had not been achieved, since, oh, when President Nixon was in office. At least, that’s according to our station president, Don Corsini. Winning sweeps prompted a huge party – champagne for anyone who wanted it (I did not, since I don’t drink, and even when I did, I didn’t like champagne), free coffee bar (the bar which does espresso drinks and blended caffeinated drinks for us, which we generally get anyway on every Friday during sweeps, heehee) and free ice cream. Plus, throughout the day, cake and then ice cream sandwiches were served throughout the newsroom. Essentially, that’s why my birthday cakes are sitting just feet from me, uneaten – normally, there’s a stampede when there’s birthday cake.

There were lovely speeches from our 11PM anchors Paul Magers, Laura Diaz, Johnny Mountain and Jim Hill, some funny quips from VP Nancy Bauer and – oh, did I mention the champagne? The KCAL 9 helicopter also did a flyover. I didn’t take my camera with me, but I sure wish I had. (However, stay tuned to my work site – I’m working on getting photos from one of the graphics guys who was snapping away with a real snazzy camera.)

But I do have this, my souvenir from today’s party:

Somehow, this Korbel cork landed at my feet, so I kept it to share. I hear all our anchors were treated to a fancy dinner in Studio City tonight, too, in case you were wondering where all your usual primetime anchors were.

Man – this was a big week. Not only did we find out that we’re finalists for the L.A. Press Club’s News website award (just months after our team was formed and our site relaunched and redesigned, thank you very much!), our 11PM show won sweeps for the first time in decades. Yay for us!

Update: Want to see pictures from our party! Check out the slideshow!

2 thoughts on “Coffee, cake and champagne, oh my*

  1. I was sent out to chase a non-story while the party was going on.

    The field crews always miss out on these things.

    Oh, wait. I just got back from Las Vegas. I guess I can’t complain.

    Speaking of Hawaii. the last reports from my youngest was that it’s been almost completely sunny since we were there in March.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I was on vacation in Philly so I didn’t see this update.
    Those cakes sound ABSOLUTELY fabulous. mmm, cake.

    Also: Paul Magers is our Minnesota boy. We miss him…*sniff* It was exciting to see his name. I’m such a dork.

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