CBS News journalists killed in Iraq

I usually don’t check my work site when I’m off work, but for some reason I did today and got some shocking news – two CBS News journalists were killed by a roadside bomb, and a third – correspondent Kimberly Dozier – is critically injured.

I didn’t know either of these three people, save for occasionally writing “Kimberly Dozier reports” on Iraq-related videos. But its shocking to me and hits home because – these were just journalists doing their jobs. Because they were out there doing their jobs, there is at least one wife out there somewhere, who are now widowed, and her children and grandchildren have now lost a father and grandfather. I know that people have been dying out there since day one of the war. And I don’t think that its coincidence that today’s Memorial Day holiday – a day to remember our fallen troops and war veterans – has been particularly bloody:

All over the region, explosions began just after dawn, with one roadside bomb killing 10 people and injuring another 12 who worked for an Iranian organization opposed to the regime in Iran, police said.

A car bomb parked near Baghdad’s main Sunni Abu Hanifa mosque killed at least nine Iraqi civilians and wounded 25, said Saif al-Janabi, director of Noaman hospital. It exploded at noon in north Baghdad’s Azamiyah neighborhood and was so powerful it vaporized the vehicle. Rescue crews and Iraqi army soldiers were carrying stretchers toward waiting ambulances, Associated Press TV footage showed.

A bomb planted in a parked minivan killed at least seven and injured at least 20 when it exploded at the entrance to an open-air market selling secondhand clothes in the northern Baghdad suburb of Kazimiyah.

Another parked car bomb exploded near Ibin al-Haitham college in Azamiyah, also in northern Baghdad, killing two civilians and wounding at least five others – including four Iraqi soldiers, police Lt. Col. Falah al-Mohammedawi said.

In Baghdad’s Tahariyat Square, a parked car bomb targeting an American convoy killed one civilian and injured nine , police Lt. Col. Abbas Mohammed Salman said. It was not known if there were any U.S. casualties, but at least one Humvee was seen on fire.

A second bomb targeting an Iraqi police patrol near the square killed one and wounded 10 – including four police.

In other attacks, a roadside bomb killed two police officer and wounded three others in downtown Baghdad’s Karradah district, while one man was killed and six were injured when a bomb hidden in a minivan used as a bus exploded.

The day’s most serious attack targeted a public bus near Khalis, 50 miles north of Baghdad in Diyala province, an area notorious for such attacks, provincial police said.

I know that most everyone else in California wants the war to end. But do we, as American citizens, really want to our government honor these fallen soldiers, journalists and innocent people by tucking our tail between our legs and back out with our heads hanging? No. If there is anything that is an American concept, its justice, and justice must be done.