Call me juror #9

Ack. Yes. I got caught in the net. I am a juror for a civil trial that began today.

But jury duty here in L.A. isn’t without its idiosyncrasies. Serving time alongside me was Ray Liotta. Well, not really. That makes it sound like he was in my jury pool. Actually, I had gone down to the jury assembly room to ask a question about parking (I had parked in the wrong lot). Mr. Liotta (it feels weird to call him Ray) was in a group of people that I barely even glanced at, sitting near the window where I was waiting to ask my question. But I heard this voice and did a double take. I glanced back again and underneath the full beard and somewhat blotchy skin was Ray Liotta. Of course, I didn’t remember his name because it was Ray Liotta! sitting there, wearing a juror’s badge, talking as if he’s not Ray Liotta. So when I got my parking question answered, I scuttled over next to him real quick and asked….”Are you, um…? Are you, um…?”

Yes. I was succinct and impressive.

Anyway, he smiled begrudgingly and said, yes, I’m Judge Liotta. I think I shook his hand then asked if I could take his picture. I know! I was in a juror assembly room and I asked Ray Liotta if I could take his picture! I’m such a geek! I think he initially misunderstood me and thought I wanted to take the picture with him. But no. I just wanted to take a picture of him with his juror’s badge, but alas. He declined gracefully and said maybe later. I did see him later, on the sixth floor, and later on the second floor, but he was leaving both times, so evidently he had not been selected for a jury panel. Big surprise there.

Anyway, I plan on making my jury duty an urban adventure. I have had to work in downtown sporadically for most of my life, starting from my teens, but never really get to actually see the interesting, cultural things – like the Grand Central Market, which I went to for the very first time on Thursday. Today, I went to the Wells Fargo Building food court and enjoyed walking around. I took a few pictures and was even reprimanded by a security guard for taking photographs. It was a productive day.

Here are two of my favorite photos from the ones I took today. For the rest, check out the Flickr stream.

(Photo of Ray Liotta from