Welcome to wet Waikiki

Turns out the L.A. blogosphere – Mike, Maria and Evan of Franklin Avenue and beFrank – was well represented when paradise was not – Oahu was flooded by rain, sewage spilled and the beaches were contaminated while they were there on vacation recently. Doh!

beFrank was there with his wife to visit with his daughter (who has the good fortune of going to college in Oahu). I think he was at the tail-end of his trip when the island’s sewer systems flooded.

Franklin Avenue, I think, just missed beFrank – they coulda had Spam breakfast together! Franklin Avenue was there just in time to see the city begin draining raw sewage into the Ala Wai Canal. Yuck. However, Franklin Avenue, helpful as ever, has given me (inadvertantly) several tips on where to eat when Trinity and I go to Honolulu in late June.

Speaking of our Hawaii trip, we’re now booked for our hotels and I am so excited – my Ate (means eldest sister in Tagalog) decided to pay for four nights/five days in Maui as a wedding present for us. So, instead of spending two weeks in Honolulu in June, we’ll basically be spending one week in Waikiki (for the AAJA convention) and one week in Maui (Maui Wowie, according to my coworker Jenn).

And in other Franklin Avenue news, we really need to sit that Blogger Baby down in front of the day’s racehorses and see the big bucks roll in…

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  1. I’m sure the weather will be much better for you than us! Let me know if you need any more Honolulu pointers. Try to spend as little time in Waikiki as possible!

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