The ball comes down

This morning, as I blearily but determinedly made my way to my local Y to work out, I was shocked to see the classic 76 orange meatball coming down from the 76 station at Avenue 60 and Monterey Road in Hermon. (Click to enlarge the picture.)

I’d read about this a couple of times on Franklin Avenue (here, here and here) and later noted to myself, a little smugly, that the 76 station near my house still featured its meatball. I have to admit I was hoping that this 76 station, tucked into an area of Los Angeles that doesn’t feel like Los Angeles, would escape notice, but alas. There goes the ball, sitting sadly on its 6.

On a side note, I really need to get a camera phone. On my way to work out, of course I don’t have my digital camera with me. I was planning to blog it all along, but getting pictures just adds to the post. I had to count on them taking a long lunch break to put the flat, one-dimensional 76 sign up – thanks for nothing, you 76-ball-tearer-downers.

Want to know more about the campaign to save the ball? Hit up Save the 76 Ball, by the creators of the 1947 project, or sign their online petition.