My new toy at work

I know that this is late, but whatever – sue me. I got to work Tuesday after my weekend to find a new and improved video player on the site I work on. Let me walk you through the changes….

Above, there is a screenshot of the video player with its new pop-up thumbnails. Previously, the thumbnails kind of just sat there. Now, we really can’t be lazy when picking thumbnails!

The videos have always been email-able, but now, there’s a handy text pop-up to help the less computer-savvy. It says, “E-mail this Video.” And the “E-mail” is in red!

A new button has also been added, and when you put your cursor over it, this handy little “Link this Video” pop-up, well, pops up. And what does it do…?

It shows the direct link to the video! I have been railing about this for months. As a blogger, it’s nice to be able to directly link to things. I’ve been able to grab the individual links myself, but that’s only because I work for the site and have access to the back-end. But for other bloggers? Not so much, which is why I once described how to do it. But now its so much easier!

The new and improved video player is now much better for those who are less computer-savvy and for bloggers. But wait! There’s more!

The video player on the main page of the site (otherwise known as the index page) is not the entire video player. When you click “See All,” it jumps you to this page (shown above). The new video player also includes more of the headlines and dek heads that we write. So, you may be watching the video, but maybe you’re squinting. Maybe you want to see it bigger. So you go to the “Enlarge” button near the top (cleverly marked with my Photoshopped arrow)…..

Voila! You’ve got a bigger (though slightly more pixelated) Juan Fernandez! You can click each individual image here to get a better look.

Now, you might be thinking that I am simply cheerleading hard for my station and its website. But you just have no idea. Everytime I discovered every new little feature, I let out a delighted “ooh!” My coworkers thought I was crazy. But I really do like the new video player. It works out for me and for bloggers! Yay!