My alma mater in the news

As much as I didn’t enjoy being a Conquerer while I was there, I’ve always been a proud alumnus of Los Altos High School in Hacienda Heights. I guess I was just an angst teenager who didn’t like her classmates, but after graduating in 1996, I’ve always been appreciative of the public high school education I received and remember many of the teachers who taught me fondly.

I was on my way to work this afternoon (remember, night shift) when I heard KNX 1070 tease an upcoming interview with a high school principal in Hacienda Heights. My ears perked up when I heard the name of my hometown.

Turns out, the principal of the school, William Roberts (I don’t know him) decided to grab a video camera when students began walking out to protest the immigration reform bill. When he did that, he also offered the kids a choice – walk out and get Saturday school, in accordinace with the county’s daytime curfew for kids, or stay on campus and gather peacefully in the school’s courtyard for their protest. The video camera served as irrefutable proof when it came time to hand out Saturday school detention (which I’ve done – and it sucks. It’s nothing like The Breakfast Club).

I would link to the story/radio interview if I could find it, but I haven’t found it – yet. I’m just very proud of my alma mater for acting so responsibly in the face of so many students leaving school for something most of them didn’t understand.