Go blue!*

I’m not much of a baseball fan – instead, I like to torture my buddy Marc with my lack of baseball knowledge – but it was still super cool to be in such close proximity with a legendary Dodger great like Tommy Lasorda and Dodgers owner Frank McCourt at our company Dodger party the other day. I’m told that Erik Karros and Steve Garfield are pretty cool too….

Here’s a picture of me in the super cool Dodgers cap that they gave to each of the employees that showed up to the party (shoot – they was free Dodger dogs, sodas, chips and cake too!), taken by the ubiquitous beFrank, also my “coworker.” The rest of his very fun Flickr photos are here.

And, as a side note, this picture seems to look good, but for some reason it looks goofy to me….maybe I’m just goofy-looking…

Update: Also…here’s a video package the Web team produced.

One thought on “Go blue!*

  1. Well, I think it’s a nice picture.

    Thanks for the publicity, but I need to mention that a lot of the shots were taken by my fellow photog Marvin Stone. I would have shot more stills, but I was running the news camera and way too many of the bosses were watching.

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