Blue lights in the sky

It was not a UFO sighting though. The last couple of nights I’ve noticed that the US Bank Tower, formerly known as the Library Tower, has been sporting blue lights and I can’t figure out why. I don’t think this has been the case for a long time, even though I only noticed the blue lights on Tuesday night on my way home from work. But then again, it’s been rainy and cloudy recently, and Tuesday night was the first clear night.

Anyway, everybody knows that in December, the tower sports green and red lights, a practice that’s been adopted by several other downtown buildings during the holiday season. But blue? Are they celebrating the Dodgers’ opening day (which was Monday)? Or is this a permanent change?

Well, I like the blue lights, but they are definitely a little harder to see from a distance. I had tried to take a picture of the tower from my car as I drove home, but with the combination of an outdated camera and 45 mph on the Hollywood Freeway – well, you can see why the picture came out so crappy. At least you can see a hint of blue…