The Getty Villa, Darleene style*

So far, I’ve blogged about going to the Long Beach Aquarium, the Getty Center and whale watching. I’m wondering if this is the beginning of a new category perhaps – maybe we could name it “Darleene Does L.A.” or “Darleene’s Dope Day Trips” or something.

Anyway, yes, I dragged Trinity and my friend Sam (a Press-Telegram reporter for those of you who are keeping count) braved the gray skies and trekked out to Malibu to check out the Getty Villa. I originally went for tickets on April 17, but for some reason changed my mind and went back to get more of those free tickets, for March 6.

It was so much fun. I’m not sure anymore if I can say the Getty Center is my favorite museum now – the Getty Villa is so beautiful and houses so much stuff that really, really interests me – ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian art and history. I know that I previously said I would be willing to give my April 17 tickets away, but I think I may have to use them for myself. I think I really need to go on a sunny day to get the full measure of the Getty Villa.

Yep…here’s the three of us, at the beginning of the path to the museum. I have mixed feelings about this photo – I have what you couldn’t describe as anything other than chipmunk cheeks here, and I’m not quite sure what’s going on with my middle, either. Ah well. If the sun had been out, you would have seen the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean over Trinity’s shoulder.

Here’s Sammy, taking a photo – of the column? No, actually, she was taking a picture of the Inner Peristyle, which was very beautiful. Although, I gotta say, some of the black statues (not that they were statues of black people, they were regular Greco Roman statues in black stone) had odd, very light eyes. It was very disconcerting. Also, I just noticed when I was editing this photo, Sammy’s clothes kind of match the marble floor. Go figure.

I’m amassing quite a collection of these “Trinity and I” photos. Again, I think they might deserve a blog of their own soon…not.

Trinity gesticulating as he talks to Sam in the East Garden.

Sam had the brilliant idea of having Trinity and I pose with the same face as the theater masks. I think I missed the point, though, and just stood there with my mouth as round as the mask’s.

Trinity, however, had to channel the mask…At least, that’s what he said he was doing as he gestured at the mask with a quizzical look on his face.

And he still didn’t seem to get the mask, either. I think the masks were actually supposed to represent “scared” and “scary” (although, I thought theater masks were supposed to be “sadness” and “happiness”), but instead, Trinity’s expression is more like “hey….” just before he does the wink and the gun.

Dude! The Villa’s family forum was so much fun. I did my own designs for an “ancient” vase using the engravings in the tables, and starred as a character with a pitcher in a Greek scene as Trinity killed me. Yep. My husband killed me. He really loved that sword though, although, I’m not sure what he’s doing with this winged thing here.

Trinity also kept looking at these huge hands in the wall and double-dared me to put my hand in, thinking something would grab me. I stuck my hand in and found that it was to knead some clay-like stuff. So, of course, after I stuck my hand in, Trinity felt it was safe.

(Trinity’s reading everything I’m writing right now and promising payback. Pshhh, yeah, when you get your own blog buddy!)

Anyway, I know at this point, you’re thinking – dude – did you only take pictures of yourselves doing goofy poses? No, actually I didn’t. I reserved the good photos for my work site, with detailed captions. Later, my boss Jason came up to say he liked the slideshow. When I showed him the outtakes he said I should’ve put those into the slideshow, I said, “ohhhh, I don’t think so.”

I can just imagine the e-mails I would have gotten…

Check back, I might have more photos to add from Sam. Heehee. Yay! More goofy photos!

Update: More goofy photos from Sam! Check out the whole album here, but here are a few of my favorite shots:

Sam and her inspired pose next to the theater mask.

Me and my new friend. He’s a philosiphizer. Damn liberals….

I was actually the first to discover the awesome shadow screen thing. Trinity looked on in chagrin, apparently thinking, this is my wife….

Then Sam jumped in and saw the props. Man! She looks way too comfortable with that sword….

And whilst I wandered about, looking at the Greek and Roman depictions of women, men, their beloved animals and the art adorning their final resting places and looking for Sam, Sam and Trin took pictures in the Hall of Women with some guy’s butt in the background. Nice.

Check out Sam’s album, though, since it’s a lot more detailed and funnier than my captions. She said that she was showing the pictures to her sister and her sister remarked, “you people are the reason I rarely go out in public.” Or something to that effect. What did she mean? *innocent*

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