My first Lakers game – really

Yep. I have been a lifelong Los Angeles-area resident and, of course, a lifelong Lakers fan, but I never went to a live Lakers game until tonight. See, if you thought I got excited over going to the Getty Villa, then you should have seen me on the way to the Lakers game. I was so freakin excited – we were in nosebleed seats, but that was cool with me. I have been to the Staples Center before, yes, but I am ashamed to say that it was to go to a concert with my family – my mom wanted to see Clay Aiken. *cringe* It was Trinity’s first time watching a game at the Staples Center too. First impression? The court was a lot smaller than I expected it would be.

I also noticed that the stadium seemed somewhat empty in the first quarter. Oh, remember – I was completely excited so I ended up getting there right on time to hear the Star-Spangled Banner from Miss California. I was impressed, too, with the effective and efficient use of all the wall space at the Staples Center – all these animated ads everywhere. It was a little disconcerting in the beginning, because the middle LCD band going around the arena would flash red, white or blue, depending on the advertiser. We were pretty high up, so it colored my percepetion quite a bit.

I kind of wished I had binoculars too – I wanted to see Phil Jackson and Jack Nicholson chillin in their seats. I did see where they were, approximately, although I couldn’t see their faces. I spotted Phil via his salt-and-pepper head and big frame and Jack by his trademark sunglasses.

Watching a game live seems to only come alive after halftime too. The end of the arena I was at was behind the home basket, but at halftime, it switched to the Kings basket, thus all the people with the inflatable thingy’s that are used to distract the visiting team during a free throw. Something else I noticed? Mike Bibby doesn’t seem to like Sasha Vujacic, because Bibby got two fouls pushing at Vujacic. That’s good information for if the two teams face each other again in the playoffs. The Lakers ended up winning, 87-80, with Kobe scoring the last three-pointer. The Lakers were ahead most of the game, but I was very wary of the Kings making a swift comeback. By the way – why does everyone seem to hate Luke Walton? He got booed everytime he came out to play or made a basket. Hm.

The evening was also Trinity’s first time taking the train. He’s not a fan of public transportation – he got clobbered on the head by a bus bolt he first time he rode a bus when his car was out of commission nearly two years ago. We took the train from the Pasadena Del Mar Station, where there’s $2 parking for Gold Line patrons. Sweet! We ended up spending just $28 tonight (including a snack run at Pavilion’s, nachos Camachos and a $3.50 8-oz bottle of Aquafina) by taking the train. You can’t beat that.

I love Union Station and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the welcome sign with Trinity in it. Now he says he won’t give me kisses because I keep taking pictures of him unawares. Aww.

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  1. Just came across your blog by searching for all things Laker-related. Just wanted to let you know if you hadn’t figured it out by now, they don’t boo Luke Walton… they say “Luuuuuuuuuuuke”.

    Have a nice day.

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