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I produced this video tonight and it nearly had me on the floor laughing. I mean, sure, the fact that this cat, Louis, has been detained by animal control three times, caused his owner to be arrested and sued (by the Avon lady, no less), been slapped with a restraining order and is now the first cat ever to be put under house arrest – all that is funny and all, but I think the piece de resistance is the storytelling that Paul Magers lent to the package:

Tonight, Louis is on the inside, looking out – a feline living the thug life on the mean streets of Connecticut.

Really – he said that. Watch the video, and hear it for yourself.

As a side note, I wanted to offer the format for the CBS 2 videos. It is:

That number in front of the @ sign is most important and will identify the video you want. One trick to get the address of each video (at least on PCs) is to click the little envelope icon on the video player, like you’re going to email someone the video.

Anyway, back to my online tidbits. I’ve been riveted by Cathy Seipp’s recent editorial about her daughter’s college admissions process and ultimate acceptance to UCSD. I mean, its pretty awesome that Maia (who also happens to be my supervisor’s daughter) is planning to major in Russian, not to mention that she got into UCSD at 16. But, as a (relatively) regular reader of Cathy’s blog, I also picked through each post on College Confidential, discussing the article. It’s a little bit amazing to see the vitriol being spewed by these parents just upon reading about someone making it ahead of their kid. Dang.

And its not even like I had a similar experience as Maia’s about to have. There was no question about my going to college, but I went to community college first, then transferred to Cal State Fullerton, where I eventually ended up with two bachelor’s degrees. Are they worth any less just because they’re not from UCLA or UC Berkeley? Well, I’m at CBS now, if that counts for anything, and I’m loving every minute of what I do. I really don’t think its where you do it, its what you do and what you personally get out of it, but so many people, both parents and their teens, are so hung up on image and name brands, even when it comes to college.

To round out my tidbits, the huge volume of dialogue about the antiillegal immigration protests has been astounding. On one hand, I’m so proud of all these people for organizing. But on the other hand, I honestly don’t think its these kids’ business to walk out of school, walk on to freeways and say things that are inflammatory and misinformed.

Plus, what happens if these kids get hurt? My buddy/lurker commenter Karl pointed me to a Dallas article earlier this week that detailed how an 18-year-old girl’s hand was severed in a car accident as she was on her way to a protest. And now, there’s this article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune about a cop who pushed a girl who got too close to them. The accompanying amateur video (in Quicktime format, so its Mac friendly) shows an obscured view of the line of cops advancing on the kids (who were blocking Vincent Avenue in West Covina, shouting stuff like “Brown Power” and “Freedom”), and one girl falling into her friends arms. When you play it back over again (and presumably the paper did the slow-motion portion), you see it looks as if one tall cop is pushing the girl away from another cop.

I mean, what can be said about that? The article, written by City Editor Phil Drake, says that no complaints had been filed by press time (and they really do have presses at the Trib plant in West Covina), but I bet there will be by the time this issue hits newstands.

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  1. I’ve participated in many marches and in civil disobedience as a college student, but we were always trying to be safe. We trained for weeks doing security which was basically to protect the marchers and provide a buffer between potential instigators or any over zealous police officers.

    Although I admire activism and standing up for what you believe in, I’d hate to be the parent of a kid who was not going to school and instead walking on a freeway.

  2. Thanks, Darleene! So not only you work for old Jerry, but you’re the same “Mrs. Powells” that got old Joseph so worked up the other day at Martini Republic? Small world!

  3. I have been reading your posts since you were in HS! When do I get an upgrade from Lurker status?

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